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...anti-discrimination laws, and this law will not do so in Indiana either," he said.Indianapolis, a hub for major sporting events, is booked for several over the next decade.The Big Ten has held its football championship game at Lucas Oil Field since 2011 and has...

Bejeweled twin, sleeping within, tire of the transit, nobody plans it

...public disturbance above that of drugs in the car. The woman was released to return to her nearby apartment, and the parents were handed the car keys. The man was taken to jail, booked for possession, and his parole officer notified.

FCSO weekly report ? March 16, 2015

...adding that he had "read the Faulkner County Policy and Procedure book front, back, left to right."The man was later booked. Dog attack, maybeIn Greenbrier, a woman reported she was cooking dinner when she heard screaming coming from outside. She...

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Booked 11/10/2014

"Booked," published each week by Log Cabin Democrat, highlights all initial incarcerations in Faulkner County Detention Centers. Those...

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Faulkner County Booked - 12/03/2014

"Booked," published each week by Log Cabin Democrat, highlights all initial incarcerations in Faulkner County Detention Centers. Those...

Fighter Pacquiao narrows the odds

...be favored at all."I've never seen Mayweather this low eight weeks out before the fight," said Jimmy Vaccaro, who has booked money on every big fight for the past four decades in Las Vegas. "This is as close as we get to a legitimate pick 'em fight...

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Toad Suck Daze not looking at big-name entertainment in 2015

...had at Toad Suck Daze."We'll still do one night that is more country," he said. "I don't know if the band we have booked would be considered country but it has that country sound to it."Satterfield said another night would have more of a rock...

Wildlife officer helps distraught man during standoff

...Baxter County Detention Center," Small said. At the detention center, Small escorted Hopper and stayed with him until he was booked. "Before I left we went into a private room and had more conversation. I told him that I would be there to help him find...

Diana Gwyn Payne

...ever. 2014 proved to be a most challenging year. As the year came to a close, Diana and Jacques needed a break, so they booked a trip to Mexico to relax. They stayed at a lovely resort with beautiful grounds and wonderful restaurants. This trip provided...