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Local parole officer arrested on third-degree assault allegations

...deputy with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office take away the suspect's official badge.According to the FCSO, Francis was booked at about 7 p.m. Saturday and released about 25 minutes later on $290 bond.The Log Cabin Democrat reached out to the DCC...

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...staying awake, the officer took the man into custody for public intoxication. The man started acting out while he was being booked, including beating his head against the wall, and threatening suicide, invoking his wife leaving him recently as another...

Police Beat: 05/15

...take the second shouting man to jail, as she was no longer able to contend with him. Officers did so. As the man was being booked into the jail he, after a bathroom break, fell to the floor and began rolling around on the floor in the booking area, crying...

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Police Beat: 04/03

...officer said his leather gloves, worn for protection, were torn by the man as he thrashed. The man was taken to jail and booked on a variety of charges - public intoxication not in the least. The report noted no mugshots were taken due to the man's...

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Faulkner County Booked - 12/03/2014

"Booked," published each week by Log Cabin Democrat, highlights all initial incarcerations in Faulkner County Detention Centers. Those...


...is not a safety threat and charged with a similar nonviolent crime," Banks wrote. "She was stripped, sprayed for lice, booked, given prison garments, one blanket, a steel cot with a steel mattress, and placed on suicide watch with a severely limited...

Police Beat: 05/06

...take the gun.The officer took the gun in order to assure the woman's safety after her release. She was taken to jail and booked. Key to the neighborhood A man called police April 2 about his car being vandalized the day before.When the officer arrived...

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Booked 11/10/2014

"Booked," published each week by Log Cabin Democrat, highlights all initial incarcerations in Faulkner County Detention Centers. Those...

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Fighter Pacquiao narrows the odds

...be favored at all."I've never seen Mayweather this low eight weeks out before the fight," said Jimmy Vaccaro, who has booked money on every big fight for the past four decades in Las Vegas. "This is as close as we get to a legitimate pick 'em fight...

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