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Rachel's Rumors: Bowling alley update

I've been trying for a few weeks to learn exactly what the plans are for the skating rink, which apparently is scheduled to be torn down and redeveloped.
Rachel's Rumors: Trying to resist Krispy Kreme

So, a few weeks ago Michelle Corbet announced that Krispy Kreme is coming in basically right by my house. Oh, you don't know where I live? I think I'd rather not share that publicly.
Rachel's Rumors: Central Landing's big reveal's the most interesting part. Rumor has it the area on the map marked "bowling...the Brunswick National chain.If this rumor pans out, it will actually be another...there's not much going on. But if you have rumors, tidbits, sneaking suspicions or questions...
Rachel's Rumors: Home store gets new look

Last week I got out and visited H3 Home + Decor, which many of us have known for many years as Hambuchen Home Furnishings. The store has recently been remodeled on the outside and inside, and it has a lot of new inventory.
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Rachel's Rumors: Taco place keeps it quirky in town, so I'm guessing Don Pepe's will fit in just fine in Conway. Eye see Last week I told you I had heard a rumor that an eye clinic was coming to the old Ryan's building. Soon after, I was flooded with emails saying that Visioncare is...
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Rachel's Rumors: Taco place to open in June

...home to The Gathering is undergoing a bit of construction in preparations for a new retail store that will open there in July.Rumor has it the store will be a dress shop, but I'll have to let you know the full details when I get more information. Vacancy...
Getting there ...

...criticize or tear down.If you haven't guessed it already, The Window Seat is a more vulnerable side of Rachel than Rachel's Rumors is. And today the Rachel you get is one who is tired and a little sad, but also grateful and trying hard. Thanks...
Rachel's Rumors: Coffee shop opens May 17

Kyle Tabor will open Blue Sail Coffee at 1028 Front St. on May 17. One of the youngest entrepreneurs around, Kyle has a business degree, a ton of drive and a lot of inspiration from a trip he took to Italy with his family.
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When a cup of coffee is what you need

If you like to read my weekly column, Rachel's Rumors, you're in luck. Here's a little preview of what's to come. In fact, here's a little extra just for you blog readers...
Rachel's Rumors: Hello. I'm back

Last week I promised you some big news, and you shall have it. But first I want to join with many other voices throughout the community in expressing my sorrow over the tragedy of lives lost in the tornadoes last week.